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Live in Today..

Do what you Love & Love what you Do !!!

Yesterday my wife was watching her favourite television program. All drama, gossip, jealousy & saas-bahu sajish.

I asked her why do you watch such a crap thing. Is there anything good in such television programs?. She said I like watching these programs. I come to know about latest trends in the fashion, jewellery, cosmetics. Even though you don’t like it I enjoy watching every bit of it.

My question to her was why all women like talking about this gossip, jealousy & sajish. Why do they  just think about shopping, jewellery, cosmetics only ??

She stopped television, looked at me as if she was ready for war !!!

Then she said I agree that women just talk of all rubbish things, think only about shopping but can you please tell me what valuable things men do discuss??

She started counting … Cricket, Football, Politics, women, sex and blablabla…

Now tell me which one of these is valuable & important??. Playing cricket, football or any game is good for health. But Watching sports channel laying on sofa, having chips, drinking beer is anyway healthy?? Talking to friends about games, movies & dirty jokes is really beneficial for family?? And most important politics. How do you think that you and all your friends are going to make difference in Brexit decisions or going to manage annual budget of the nation?

I was speechless & there was pin drop silence in the room.

Men always think how silly girls are. Girls do and discuss useless things. But when  I started looking at myself from my wife’s perspective I realised how wrong I was. What men do is equally useless.

In reality there is nothing called as good or bad, right or wrong. We all do the things which makes us happy. For others it may not be important or useful. It is just the way we look at it. It’s all about our perception.

You don’t always need special reason for doing anything in life.                                           Just do it because you want to, Because it’s a fun, Because it makes you happy.


What we Want and what we Need

This is the story of a middle age man ranging from 25-45 years of age. We are those generations who are born with very few things around us but grow with smart phones, computer & internet. Our childhood was very simple & easy. But as we were growing things started changing. In last 10-15 years smart phones, hi-tech gadgets, computers, internet have acquired our whole life.

My father used to work for 6 days a week. He has to travel for 2 hours every day. And he was able to earn just enough to feed family of 6.This was the story of all neighbourhoods. We didn’t had many toys in the childhood.  Parties, movies & tours were in the dreams only. Couple of cloths in whole year.  At the occasion of festival or birthday only. Birthday celebration was also rear thing. But still our childhood was happy, enjoyable & memorable.

When we were in college we couldn’t have thought of anything else than A good job, home, car, savings, gold and a lovely family. Today most of us have all those things in life but still we are running for something. Our life is not happy & satisfied. We are running for salary hike, promotions, more promising & challenging job, bigger home, foreign tours, better education for children and lot many things. We have most of the things but still we want more and more. Now days brands are playing important role in our life. Rolex, Apple, Sony, Audi, Mercedes, Volvo, Samsung are driving us. It’s not important to just have anything. It has to be branded. We buy many things which we don’t need or we hardly use. Show off, publicity, brands, social image are becoming more & more important.

And some of us give lots of excuses for this. Many people say I don’t want to run in this race but others are running so I have to run. Someone is worried because his engineering classmate got less marks but still he is earning more salary than him. Someone is unhappy because his junior gets more salary than him. Someone is worried because his brother-in-law has purchased a 4 bedroom flat & another friend has moved to a bungalow. Someone has to plan Europe tour because their kid’s friends had visited Europe already. Someone says, I want my son’s birthday party to be most memorable. I don’t care how much money I spend for this. For my daughter’s wedding I want to have everything special, it doesn’t matter how much it will cost me.

But is this what we really need or this is what we are forced to do. Are we doing this because we want to win the race, or we don’t want to left behind. Do we really need costly perfumes, branded cloths, hi-tech gadgets, expensive cars, lavish homes, expensive foreign tours, grand luxurious wedding.

A big question what we want & what we need?

Now it’s time to think about what we really need??

!!!!!! Sound sleep, healthy & peaceful life, Work & personal life balance, happy & satisfied family, Cool relaxing, tension free life. !!!!!!



Important Tips for UK Visitors

Important Tips for UK Visitors

Many foreigners visit UK every year for Business,  Job or Education purpose. If you are planning to visit UK for long term, then here are some important tips for you. ( Kitchen & Food related tips are more relevant for Indian Visitors.)

  1. Weather: There are four seasons in UK
  • Spring:  March To May
  • Summer:June To August
  • Autumn: September To November
  • Winter: December To February


Rain: There is no specific time for rain. It may  rain on any time of the year.

  1. Important Documents: It’s safe to carry important documents with you.

e.g. marriage certificate, child birth certificate, Child’s medical history, Important bank details, Sponsorship Documents, UK stay address & contact details.

  1. Prohibited Items

There are many prohibited items in UK ( e.g. Oil, Match box, Dairy products)

You should know all about it.

  1. National Health Service ( NHS)

Medical services are very costly in UK. NHS provides free medication for NHS registered members. Dental treatment is even more costly.

Before coming to UK do your complete Medical & Dental check-up. Consult your family doctor & then carry only prescribed medicines. Make sure that you are not carrying any banned medicine. Keep doctors prescriptions, Chest X-ray, children’s vaccination report with you.

  1. Cloths: It is safe to carry cloths suitable for winter season.

Woolen socks, Gloves, Cap, Thermal Wear, Strong Umbrella, Leather shoes, Sport shoes,  Thick Trousers, Shirts,  Jacket & Sweater.

  1. Accommodation:

Rental flats/Houses available through letting agents.


Just by providing location you can search rental accommodation as per your requirement & as per your budget. Fully furnished / Part furnished / unfurnished flats/houses are available on rent.

You need to provide financial documents/Passport/UK references to the letting agent.


  1. Kitchen:

Flats with furnished Kitchen are available. Most of the kitchen items are normally provided by the landlord.

Cooker & Mixer are 2 items which are not easily & cheaply available here.

For bachelors roti-maker can be a good option. Wooden Roti Roller- Roller Pin (Polpat-Latane ) /Idli Pot will be handy.

  1. Food / Grocery

Many Indians/Asians prefer to cook their own food. All Asian  grocery is available.

Its better to carry readymade snacks/long lasting foods/semi processed food in more quantity.

e.g. Readymade idli mix., Upma mix, Rava dosa, Maggie, Biscuits, Different pickles, chutneys, Chiwada/Chakli/Khakra/Bakar wadi, Dry Fruits, Farasan, Jam.

If you have more luggage allowance then bring atta/Rice/daal  ( It’s costly here ). In short do your own weight to price analysis.

9.Body care: If you are very sensitive about specific brands its better to bring it from your home place.

e.g. Soap, Hair Shampoo, Cold Cream, Face cream, Toothpaste, Tooth brush, shaving kit ( Cream, brush ,Razor) . Soap for cloths is not easily available  here.

  1. Travel in UK: Plan in advance for your travel in UK. If you book advance tickets they are available at very cheap prices. On the spot ticket purchase is always very costly.

National express:

For Airport transfer National express has services for 24 hours. They have more routes, more no. of buses.

National express offers many discount cards for family, children, Senior citizen.

Mega bus: Mega bus is the cheapest   mode of travel if you plan in advance. They have services on specific timings. So plan in advance & plan according to available time slots for travel.

Train is slightly costly but definitely more comfortable & fastest mode of travel.

National rail also offer  many different discount rail cards  for family, children, Senior citizen. If you travel in group you can save money  without any rail card.

  1. Communication

Lyca mobile / Vectone / Lebara offer cheap international calls.

Just from 1 penny / min.

Online top up/ Auto top up gives you extra talk time also.

  1. Shopping.

Tesco, Asda, Morrison, Sainsbury  have their shops all over country.

Poundland, Wilkinson, B & M are also handy for miscellaneous items.

For online shopping Amazon, eBay are popular all over the world. Argos, Currys are also good for online shopping.,,,

  1. Entertainment

Virgin media, Sky, Talk Talk, BT offer internet connection. All offer competitive rates.

In UK you need to purchase TV license to watch any LIVE program.

For watching Indian/Asian movies/TV serials there are many websites available.



When you pay council tax you are eligible for free education for your child.

Choosing school is very difficult task. Many people change their home for better school.

Need to get detail information & guidance from friends, relatives for choosing correct school.

For online education there are many good websites available.,

### Be in touch to know about sightseeing, Driving in UK & many more things. ###